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Augmented Reality Check: Brands Bring AR to Life

A couple of interesting articles surfaced this week, talking about an uptick in brands applying augmented reality to their online marketing campaigns. Augmented Reality is a sort of digital “trick photography” that can convert a twobk aug real dimensional, monochromatic image into any sort of 3D holographic looking image by simply holding it up to a webcam. Burger King jumped on board the AR train with a banner ad that converts a dollar bill into menus from their dollar menu.

And then there’s Kia, Nestle, Wise Foods and Frito Lay all mentioned here as players in the AR game. As promotions go, this tool will engage the consumer and increase time spent with the ad and with the brand. The real immersion occurs only among consumers with webcams, but those with it can get a sampling through online videos that demo the AR experience.

It gets the promotion wheels in my mind spinning. Augmented Reality ads are all about immersion, about spending time with the brand, in a fun and engaging way.  And wouldn’t you know, that’s where promotions can shine! The chance to win, the ability to share or the opportunity to get something for free are all proven conversion levers. In fact, a promotion can draw the consumer even closer, motivating them to provide data or to opt-in. With an augmented reality experience as the “hook”, a strong promotion offer as the “line” and a great prize as the “sinker”,  you’re certain to land your consumer.

Augmented Reality is one of the latest digital innovations to bridge the gap between  the real and the virtual,  leaving so little to the imagination… except imagining new ways to engage!