How to Run an Efficient Kitchen (or Promotion)

April 29th, 2010 by Maria Mitsos

Things can get dicey when working for a valued client and simultaneously dealing with several different agencies on their project, but it doesn’t have to be that way. I’m going against the cliché here, but I think sometimes having too many cooks in one kitchen isn’t a bad thing, as long as you all work together.  With more creative minds, you can end up with a diversified menu that will appeal to any palette.

Working with other agencies doesn't have to be like an episode of Hell's Kitchen

Working with other agencies doesn't have to be like an episode of Hell's Kitchen

Think of it this way, the client is the common priority, so keeping them in the loop is key, but making sure all chefs share their cookware is essential.  So the first thing to do, after the initial introduction of all agencies, is to arrange a follow-up call with only the agencies. This allows all to speak freely and identify everyone’s individual responsibilities.  This will serve to set the expectation among all the players.  Second, come up with a strong promotion together, allowing each agency to utilize their expertise.   Everyone has their own special ingredients to bring to the recipe and this is the time to share.  Third, develop a timeline outlining all deliverables, like a sous chef staging the food preparation.  Last, but most important, present the final recommendation to the client as a team. The best way to work well together is to act like you all work for the same company.  (Essentially, at this point, you do!) And viola, you have your perfect entrée.

Every diner has their favorite food, and every chef brings something different to the table. When all the partnering agencies lend their particular spice to the recipe, it should result in a very tasty dish, baked to perfection and aimed at satisfying the client’s hunger for a successful campaign!

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