NBA All-Star Weekend 2010

February 24th, 2010 by Sheri Westfal

One of the things that I love about my job is that it changes all the time. No two days are alike, and there are always new challenges to take on.  And then of course, there are some days that are much more fun than others.

Strobe handled the Team Xtreme All-Star Sweepstakes on behalf of our client, Pepperidge Farm.  Kids ages 6-13 entered an online sweepstakes, and 4 lucky kids, and their families, won a trip to Dallas, TX to attend the 2010 NBA All-Star game. Strobe helped coordinate the winners’ itineraries at the event, so I was fortunate enough to join them in Dallas.

I was there to ensure that the winner’s experience was everything that Pepperidge Farm wanted it to be. The weather gods were not on our side, so there were a few snags in the winner’s travels.  Eventually, all four families arrived in Dallas.  To add to the fun, Dallas experienced a record- breaking ten inch snowfall upon our arrival!

I met with the families and went over all the events of the weekend. Their prize included tickets to The Rookie Challenge & Youth Jam on Friday night, the All-Star Saturday Night as well as the 2010 NBA All-Star Game.

Pepperidge Farm had also put together a bag for each winner that included some NBA items, new sneakers, and of course Goldfish® crackers. We gave each of the families their welcome packages and I could see the excitement in the kid’s faces.

The other part of their prize was that they got to meet Miami Heat player, Dwyane Wade.  Pepperidge Farm had a Team Xtreme booth at the consumer All Star Jam Session where kids could come and play. Our 4 winners got to meet Dwyane Wade and play basketball games with him while hundreds of onlookers watched.  Our winners were one of the few kids allowed to play with Dwyane and I think it was a highlight of the trip for them.

The winners with Dwyane Wade

The winners with Dwyane Wade

I was there to answer their questions throughout the weekend, and handle any issues that came up. Other than the travel, all went smoothly. We were all at the same hotel, so I saw the kids throughout the weekend. Every time one of them saw me, I’d hear “Hi Sheri” screamed across the lobby. With all the players and coaches etc. at our hotel, it was funny that I was someone that they wanted to see!

John Starks & I

John Starks & I

And this is where more of the fun of my job comes in….I also was able to attend all the NBA events as well as the Dwyane Wade appearance.  I will say at a statuesque 5’2”, I’m often considered vertically challenged. Being with all the NBA folks certainly helped to illustrate this. There were times when players actually didn’t see me and just walked right into me (thank you BJ Armstrong!).

Overall, it was a great weekend. Tiring, yet rewarding. But, I have to say that being a Giants fan, it was very difficult being in “Jerry World” (aka Cowboy Stadium) for the game. All that Dallas Cowboy paraphernalia gave me the willies!

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